5 Steps to Land Your Dream Job

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Major realizations - I matter; my opinions matter; I am as important as anyone else in the room.

- Sonal

Newsflash: you won’t get that recognition by working harder.

It’s NOT about doing more, more, more – if that worked, you’d already be the CEO. It’s about getting clarity, building internal value and communicating that value to move your career forward.

That’s what we work on within my programs – through the 3 pillars of the CLC Framework.



First, I help you get total clarity on what your dream career could look like - and what you want to create in the next 1-5 years. This is crucial. Without this clarity, most professionals feel unfulfilled in their career because they aren’t sure if they are on the right path. I will help you eliminate any ambiguity about your career path.



Next, we get crystal clear on your value to their organization and build leadership skills that help you demonstrate that value effectively. We will help you find and use your voice to establish your authority as a leader. You will stop hiding behind hard work and become more visible in the organization.



Finally, I equip you with practical strategies around projecting and marketing yourself, salary negotiation and also negotiating working on juicy strategic projects, interviewing and networking - so that you can make progress in your career in your existing or new organization and influence decisions in your favor. This will allow you to influence and impact the workplace on a bigger scale.

Unshackled Career Woman

This transformational program has resulted in clients building iron-clad confidence, negotiating a salary increase anywhere from 20K to 100K as raises, promotions, bonuses, new jobs and getting more visibility, respect and recognition at work.

Who Is This For?

• You must be an ultra ambitious, ultra committed mid level professional woman with outstanding expertise in your field with a hunger to get to the next level in your career.

• You must be currently employed.

• You take complete responsibility for your success and are committed to invest your time, money and effort in your well-being.

• You must be fed up with your approach and ready to learn and apply a completely new way.

Results You Can Expect

• Our clients get promoted or get a raise in their existing company or land a lucrative job in another company without grinding 80 hours a week

• They learn to fearlessly speak up their mind and quickly establish themselves as an authority in meetings, interviews, negotiation or other high stake conversations

• They advocate for themselves and become visible in the workplace and get the recognition they deserve

• They stop people-pleasing or taking on more responsibilities to prove themselves

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Best decision of my life

Mrinalini helped me see and narrow all possible options based on my strengths and core values to ensure my passion and aspirations were aligned. She provided keen insights and uncovered the underlying issue that enabled me to envision a clear path toward my goal.

- Sarah

Nashville, TN

Got a seat at the decision table

My boss agreed to everything I said and acknowledged the problems I showed and agreed to fix them and agreed to give me a chair at the decision table which is a GREAT GREAT GREAT win for me. I was able to sleep well that night.

- P. Reddy

VP, Enterprise Data

Total Transformation

The first change I noticed after starting the course was making my concerns known to my boss. I also stepped into two leadership roles while working with Mrinalini, becoming a medical director for a new clinic and co-chair of my company’s newly formed diversity council.

- Dr. Grace Komolafe

Total Transformation

5 Steps to Land Your

Dream Job