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It is relatively easier for me to shed the thoughts of inadequacy now.

- Shraddha

The program boosted my confidence

Prajakta did so well in her interviews that she got hired one level higher than what she applied for. The new employer offered her $41,000 more than what she was making before and we helped her negotiate $20,000 more on top of it!


Team Lead

I have extra time on my hands

Sravanti, a mom of two, was burned out, underpaid and was almost ready to give up clinical medicine. After working with me she not only negotiated a higher salary in the same job, but also launched two businesses, and has EXTRA time on her hands. Recently she negotiated $70,000 more in a new job!



Extremely lucky to have you as my career coach for life!

Priya, mom of two, VP Enterprise Data Management, was frustrated because she was doing all the work and getting a lot of praise but no real recognition. She was working 70 hours/week and was burned out. In just 3 weeks, she negotiated a big fat bonus, secured a seat at the C-suite meetings, is visible and is getting the recognition she deserves!

Priya R.

VP, Enterprise Data

Now I am helping my husband with career strategies

Priya’s husband was skeptical about investing in a career coach for Priya they came across on Facebook. After speaking with me on the career clarity call, they took the leap of faith. Priya not only transformed as a leader but now is also helping her husband with his career challenges.

Priya R.

VP, Enterprise Data

I matter; my opinions matter

Sonal has 20 years of experience in High Tech. When she reached out to me she was filled with self-doubt. She was afraid to speak up. She wasn't seen as a leader and was stuck. After working with me she completely changed the work dynamics and started leading with iron-clad confidence!


Seattle, WA

I made myself a priority

Megha, a dentist and mom of 3 kids, was overwhelmed with home and work responsibilities. She was exhausted because didn’t know how to say no and took on more responsibilities. She learned to stop pleasing people, draw healthy boundaries and made herself a priority. As a result she got the time and space to fulfill her dream to start her own clinic.

Megha Pathak

Dallas, TX

I had over a sixfold increase in return on my investment in the form of a pay raise.

- Dr. Cindy Starke

A journey of self-discovery

A journey of learning and self discovery. The program boosted my confidence, and also taught me how to negotiate salary. I got almost a 70% salary increase in my new job.

Prajakta Gune

Team Lead

My career is not a hobby

She helped me crush my long standing limiting beliefs about myself that were blocking my career success. She coached me to unapologetically demand a seat at the table and gain visibility at work.


Associate Professor

One of the best career coaches

I now realize I am worthy of having whatever I desire. Before I kept myself busy like a hamster-on-a-wheel. Mrinalini taught me to take actions aligned with my goals. Now I've more ease in my life.


Film Producer

Self realization journey to transform life (work and home)

I felt invisible and undervalued. I wanted to have it all but was not able to. This self realization journey changed me into a fearless individual who knows and demands her worth. It gave me the courage to have high stake conversations at work and negotiate a significant salary raise. Her guidance is not limited to work related issues unlike others in the professional coaching field.

S. Ghule

Director of Content System

Major realizations - I matter; my opinions matter; I am as important as anyone else in the room.

- Sonal

Best decision of my life

Mrinalini helped me see and narrow all possible options based on my strengths and core values to ensure my passion and aspirations were aligned. She provided keen insights and uncovered the underlying issue that enabled me to envision a clear path toward my goal.

- Sarah

Nashville, TN

Got a seat at the decision table

My boss agreed to everything I said and acknowledged the problems I showed and agreed to fix them and agreed to give me a chair at the decision table which is a GREAT GREAT GREAT win for me. I was able to sleep well that night.

- P. Reddy

VP, Enterprise Data

Total Transformation

The first change I noticed after starting the course was making my concerns known to my boss. I also stepped into two leadership roles while working with Mrinalini, becoming a medical director for a new clinic and co-chair of my company’s newly formed diversity council.

- Dr. Grace Komolafe

Total Transformation

5 Steps to Land Your

Dream Job