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I am America's Only Career Coach for South Asian Professional Women. I Coach Women to Speak Up, Break Out of the Middle Management Box, and Excel as Leaders.

I had over a sixfold increase in return on my investment in the form of a pay raise.

- Dr. Cindy Starke

The Poster Child of Success

I was the poster child of success, a trailblazer who went after what I wanted and always got it. I had decided from a young age that I wanted to be a doctor. As soon as I could, I earned my medical degree and started my own practice. After practicing medicine for a few years, I decided to come to the US from my native homeland India to pursue a master’s degree in healthcare administration. After earning my degree, I worked in the finest and most world-renowned companies. By most standards, I was the picture of success especially because I had surpassed all familial expectations. I was the first in my family to become a doctor. I was the first in the family to come to the US. I was the first one in my family to earn a six-figure income. Also, everyone from my past was under the impression that I had truly made it, that my life was perfect. According to them I was living a dream life. Furthermore, anyone who met me in the United States was profoundly impressed with my accomplishments.

The Reality

From the outside everything really did look wonderful. But despite appearances, the truth was that I was ashamed of myself. I secretly felt that I wasn't enough. I worried it was my accent or my skin color. Despite my achievements, I didn't feel proud of myself. Where I imagined others may have felt pride or fulfillment, I only felt self-doubt. I was certain that I lacked something essential. I felt small in comparison to others and struggled with constant low self-esteem. It must be palpable because even though I was ambitious, sincere, and very hardworking, I got passed up for promotions or occasionally was also taken off key assignments. And I was clueless why that happened. I didn't know why my boss did not see me as 'leadership material'. I felt no sustainable joy or natural freedom.

The 5-Step Strategy Smart South Asian Professional Women Use to Put an End to Working 80 Hours a Week and Fast Track to the Next Level

(even if their bosses do not consider them as

'leadership material')

There Has To Be Something Better

I was stressed and frustrated. I couldn't sleep well. I ate a great deal more than I needed to. I had no energy or motivation. I did yoga and meditation, but it only gave me temporary relief. I worried about work in a constant obsessive loop. My career challenges painfully became the topic of discussion at the dining table, and even in bed. My loved ones were supportive and constantly trying to give me career advice. But honestly it did not work. And as if all that wasn't enough, I also got diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, which forced me to pause and give a good look to my life. The one thing I knew was that I was going to be very intentional about my next career move. I didn't want to jump on to another job opportunity and continue the same cycle. But I did not have a role model I could reach out to who looked like me or had experiences similar to mine and who could help me with finding the answers. But that's where I found my answer!

The Transformation

I decided to become that coach I never had for South Asian women to help them achieve the success and recognition they never imagined was possible for them. Based on extensive research, interviewing highly successful female leaders in a variety of industries, and my own experiences, I created a simple system that would help women fast track their career even if their bosses did not perceive them as leaders.

I tested the system with some of my executive MBA business students. The results were incredible! Within a short span of a few weeks they started commanding 20K to 100K more in salaries, raises or bonuses. They were getting promoted or landing lucrative jobs. They confidently spoke up at meetings and established themselves as leaders. And all of this without having to get another degree or grinding 60-80 hours every week or taking on extra responsibilities to prove themselves. They are happy and fulfilled in their career, and now spend quality time with their family.

America’s Only Career Coach for South Asian Women

Today, I have the honor to be supporting South Asian professional women in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. These women are smart, intelligent and highly educated but are shortchanging themselves because they are afraid of speaking their mind at work.

They get praised as outstanding subject matter experts, but are perceived as submissive, unambitious, and ill-equipped for the next level despite taking on more responsibilities and putting in 80 hours a week.

And it's most frustrating to see their less qualified peers zoom ahead only because they are good at PR and are unafraid to market themselves.

I get to help these women unleash their inner leader and build iron-clad confidence in a just a few weeks, and thus create a first-class career, earn a salary they truly deserve and live a life that makes them feel proud.

My career is not a hobby

She helped me crush my long standing limiting beliefs about myself that were blocking my career success. She coached me to unapologetically demand a seat at the table and gain visibility at work.


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5 Steps to Land Your

Dream Job