5 Steps to Land Your Dream Job

Fast Track Your Career

Even If Your Boss Doesn’t Perceive You As A Leader.

I had over a sixfold increase in return on my investment in the form of a pay raise.

- Dr. Cindy Starke

It is relatively easier for me to shed the thoughts of inadequacy now.

- Shraddha

Major realizations - I matter; my opinions matter; I am as important as anyone else in the room.

- Sonal

You are a smart, ambitious, highly qualified and very hardworking South Asian professional woman,

but are pigeon-holed as subject matter expert.

Despite taking on extra responsibilities, getting more degrees and certifications, switching jobs or working long hours, your less qualified peers are getting promoted while you are stuck at the same level. You are sick and tired of sitting quietly in meetings watching others speak up and get the spotlight. You are ready to break this pattern, be seen and respected as a true leader and gain visibility and recognition in the workplace.

We can help.

You don’t need to get yet another certification or burden your spouse for career advice. What you need is a simple proven system to leverage your existing qualifications and expertise, and find and use your voice in critical meetings and high stake conversations so you can establish yourself as an authority and the leader you know you are.

A journey of self-discovery

A journey of learning and self discovery. The program boosted my confidence, and also taught me how to negotiate salary. I got almost a 70% salary increase in my new job.

Prajakta Gune

Team Lead

There’s a better way...

You are a South Asian professional woman living in the US, UK, Canada or Australia and you are seen as a subject matter expert and not as a leader. As a result you are undervalued and underpaid.

Despite working harder and taking initiative you are stuck in the same position. You are getting the lip service and awards, but aren't progressing as fast in your career as your colleagues and friends.

You are unable to articulate the real value you bring to the table. You are afraid to speak up in big groups and especially in front of bossy and dominating personalities. But keeping quiet is keeping you stuck at a lower position and a lower salary.

We can help.

Most career success strategies being taught today just plain don’t work. Working harder, taking public speaking classes, improving communication, Taking on more responsibilities to prove yourself, gathering more degrees and certifications…all that

The fact is there’s a huge difference between being a quiet workhorse and a leader who leads with confidence and authority.

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With love,

Mrinalini Garv

Unshackled Career Woman

Best decision of my life

Mrinalini helped me see and narrow all possible options based on my strengths and core values to ensure my passion and aspirations were aligned. She provided keen insights and uncovered the underlying issue that enabled me to envision a clear path toward my goal.

- Sarah

Nashville, TN

Got a seat at the decision table

My boss agreed to everything I said and acknowledged the problems I showed and agreed to fix them and agreed to give me a chair at the decision table which is a GREAT GREAT GREAT win for me. I was able to sleep well that night.

- P. Reddy

VP, Enterprise Data

Total Transformation

The first change I noticed after starting the course was making my concerns known to my boss. I also stepped into two leadership roles while working with Mrinalini, becoming a medical director for a new clinic and co-chair of my company’s newly formed diversity council.

- Dr. Grace Komolafe

Total Transformation

5 Steps to Land Your

Dream Job